Land of the somewhat free
Home of the unlikely brave
Home to the masses
climbing over one another
Feigning a helping hand

Land of division
Rich and poor
Black and white
Red and blue
Punching ourselves in the face leaves a lasting bruise

Land of ignorance and fear
Of those who do not love themselves
but love those of the same sex
Of those who do not seek to gain
but seek the widows, orphans, and foreigners to lessen their pain

Land of false words and broken promises
Lady Liberty lifts her lamp
and sets the golden door ablaze
The shining city upon a hill
is now an inferno of spite and hate

No one may enter
Unless you live this unholy creed
Unless you’ve something to offer
as a cog in the machine
The fire burns in effigy
what America once exemplified

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness
burned to ashes beneath a conflagration of hypocrisy
This is my letter to thee:
Love your neighbor as yourself
And lower thy head in shame and humility

America. Come back to Me.


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