Blogging (My Day)

Someone recommended me to Roberts’ student blog site “The Perch” and I find it completely awesome and somewhat peculiar at the same time. I know most of the writers but I don’t think they’ve had any exposure to the kind of writing that I enjoy doing besides the Editor-in-chief at The Beacon (Roberts’ student newspaper.) I like writing about serious topics and the once in a while satire. The Perch seems like a quasi-diary for students at Roberts and my diary wouldn’t be anything worth reading. It would probably go as follows…

Woke up (7 am)
Attempted to take a shower in an 8 person suite (N/A)
Breakfast (8 am)
Walked to class with my earphones in praying to God that a lipreader doesn’t realize that I’m listening to “Rock Lobster.” (9 am)

If it’s MWF I have a few hours to just derp around, however, if it’s TR then I’m in class for 3 hours straight in the same room.

Suppose it’s TR. I’m learning how to NOT become the next Joseph Goebbels while picking up some tips if I ever decided that I DID want to. After that I’m learning how to navigate the shark infested waters of gender relations. Good stuff.

Then it’s lunch at Garlock.

Oh man. What could we possibly have today? Could it be hamburgers? Haddock? You know… good stuff? HA. No. How about yesterday’s french fries, lukewarm pizza, and “chicken Parmesan.” It took them a while to realize that we’d rather have just plain ol’ chicken patties than that chemical concoction you just birthed.

On Tuesdays I have two more classes. Language, Linguistics, and Human Identity and then a night class called History of American Public Address. Both of these classes are taught by Dr. Paul Stewart, perhaps the greatest professor known to man,

He’s also a beekeeper and fond of wombats.

On every other day of the week, I have the rest of the day to play video games or proceed with homework. Of course I go with video games because homework is much more likely to be done when the pressure is mounting and the floor is lava.

I was born to be a journalist.

Then late at night, perhaps when my homework is done… or not, I watch something on Netflix or elsewhere. It used to be Breaking Bad, The Newsroom and House of Cards and now it’s Orange is the New Black which is (NSFR) and by that I mean “not suitable for Roberts.”

That’s my day. I am interested in writing for The Perch but I’m hoping that I can find a better pitch than just another quasi-diary. I think I may have it too. I just have to discuss it over some coffee later. Until then…

A week from today, hearts around the country will be warmed and the greatest gift another human could give to another will be shared worldwide. That’s right.

Binge watching the new season of House of Cards. #Yes #ALLTHEYES


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