Shattered Glass

I hit the floor with a violent thud
and flew back to the top
I picked myself up off the snow covered ground
and continued walking across mountain peaks
I wonder why the snow never melts in
this prison that everybody seeks

I’m surrounded by a picturesque scene
that makes us all seem even smaller
than the stars that perpetually gleam

I can’t help but wonder
if anything is ever as it seems
Nothing is true, everything is permitted
What if our entire existence is sitting
on a shelf somewhere
for someone else’s bemusement, how fitting

We spend our lives laughing at other people’s
misfortunes in order to distract ourselves
from our own pathetic lives, so feeble

What would we do if we were just tiny specks?
Invisible to the eyes looking into our world
looking for something in us they couldn’t obtain
for themselves leaving us like a flag unfurled

Whipping in the wind
Doing what we please
Life goes on by and by
Until that sudden stop

And shattered glass




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