Lady Sings the Blues

In the old photograph
Sitting on the dusty shelf
A man sat at the grand piano
Fingers dancing along the ivory keys

The man stood up
Walked out silently
To thunderous roars
and rapturous applause

He snuck a shot of bourbon
off a passing waiter’s tray
and downed it in a moment
No one had a single word to say

He did it
Carnegie’s Hall was his to slay
As he made his way outside
Lady Day was making her way in

He held the door and asked
“How do you do?”
She said “I’m fine”
“For a Lady that sings the blues”

They exchanged smiles as she
walked through the door
“Strange Fruit”
He called to her as she walked away

She turned around and nodded
as she made her way

He stood in the doorway
and couldn’t help but think
about how far he’d come
from absolutely none

The man walked into the winter city winds
humming a familiar tune
God bless the child that’s got his own
That’s got his own


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